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wet cat food

The key to your cat is healthy is your diet. It must be quality food, balanced, but also tasty and appetizing, and in that sense pates and cans of wet cat food you offer to your Pussycat in our pet shop will seem true delicacies, with different tastes, smells and formats to find the one you like or that you go changing menus.

The best brands of wet food

There are many brands that make cat food. Well in our pet store they are only the best and those who offer their cans for cats with health and quality criteria. That is, we wet cat food that makes Royal Canin , Eukanuba , Proplan or Whiskas . Although we also have other brands, perhaps less known but equally recommended as can be Hills, Applaws or IAMS, to name just a few.

Carnivorous diet of cats

The cats are absolutely carnivorous animals. In their natural habitat they eat everything they can hunt, they are mammals, birds or fish. Well that is exactly what they will find in their cans, with the difference that now will serve the taste of their favorite prey and their feeders for cats .

The menu that can be given is as varied as it is possible to buy cans with rabbit meat, chicken or lamb, but also with tuna or salmon. You just have to find the brand that you like and best make your pet. To find it you can go testing with small cans, almost a single shot, and later and can be purchased larger ones that serve several days if kept cool in the refrigerator once opened. And of course, you can go by mixing flavors and of course can also be combined with the best cat food you will also find here.

Special cat food

In addition to the food supply of wet food, in the case of cans and pates own cat are ideal and tasty formulas to create products recommended for certain diseases of your pet.

Brands like Purina Veterinary Diets or catalog cat food Royal Canin offer a wide range of suitable food for cats with kidney, liver or stomach problems, and even have wet food for cats with diabetes, with allergy problems or conditions dermal.

You will also see that there are cans for cats that have to take care of their diet and therefore their weight, and in that sense we must highlight the different options for food neutered cats, which always require special attention because of their propensity to fatten.

wet puppy food

Paragraph wet food for cats we will finish by mentioning the possibilities of food for puppies, and even if they are infants, since milk is available for cats, both liquid and powder.

Ultimately in our online store to cats you will find everything you need to feed your pet, be it race and age you have.