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Wuapu for cats

Wuapu for cats

Wuapu is the new pet products brand launched from Barcelona by Dimac who has been pet shop supplier with more than 50 years experience. Wapu combines tradition and experience with innovation and a very attractive Barcelona Design, offering a complete range of pet food and pet care supplies, especially adapted to your pet’s needs and designed from the quality, the professionalism and the love for our pets.

Wuapu offers everything you might need for your pet, from dog food and dog toys to aquariums, hygiene products or any kind of accessories for cats, birds, rodents, and so on.

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  • Published by Timur on 22/06/2021

    Very nice smell

  • Published by Emil M. on 11/05/2021

    Used on my lab and there are absolutely no issues. He likes it. No scratches, no problems with the eyes. Very good!

  • Published by Rebecca on 01/06/2019

    Decent shampoo. Lathers well.

  • Published by Laura R. on 03/03/2015

    Shampoo is good, felt a bit sticky at first and that it wasn't going to give a healthy looking coat. but when it was washed and dried looked good. Happy with this 8/10

  • Published by Kelly C. on 29/01/2014

    A fabulous bed, great removable cover and a quality filling! We love this bed!!!! We have found that dried dirt just brushes. This means we haven't been having to wash it too often....once so far!

  • Published by Oliver S. on 18/11/2013

    Easy to clean and beautiful colour ... peggy looks happy. At least doesn´t ask for jumping in the sofa

  • Published by John C. on 18/11/2013

    Nice bed and my dog seems comfy ... lets see how long it lasts ! anyway, great deal and fast delivery.

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