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By Aida Torres

Aida Torres

Flexi Retractable leash offers very practical and stylish design. We know that you love your dog, and you want to give him as much freedom as possible. Playing on the beach. Walking in the park. In every situation. That's as it should be, and now flexi offers leash which can meet your and dog´s needs. Flexi offers wide range of attractive styles and designs. It is important that you choose flexi leash according to your dogs size and weight. Flexi guarantees strength and durability. Very good product.

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Flexi "Funtime" Azul



M - 5 m/25 kgL - 5 m/50 kg


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Features Flexi "Funtime" Azul

  • Reference4000498013021
  • BrandFlexi
  • ColorOrange
  • SizeXS, S, L, M
  • ColorsOrange
  • MaterialsNylon
  • TypeExtensibles

Description Flexi "Funtime" Azul

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