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By Oscar V.

Oscar V.

One of the most enduring toys with dual- market . First as a toy because it is highly resistant natural rubber and can use it as a ball bounce so unexpectedly simulate a possible dam and your dog will love and second more important thing it's perfect use as an educational method . Ethologists recommend using the classic Kong to prevent our pet misconduct , such as separation anxiety or destructive behaviors . For this we recommend filling the toy with moistened feed so as to make a paste , yogurt , snacks , wet food , etc. . You need putting it very easy at first to go complicating it gradually so that the animal understands that 's the game . We will have to give when left alone and be removed to return home to avoid having it all the time at your disposal and lose interest in him.
When the animal sniffed the food that you previously introduced into the Kong will make you relax because the smell is the largest and most developed sense of canids and when they use it they say they are doing this action dogs and relaxes . From the other part must think like get that food and this will cause more tire to be running for half an hour after a ball .

KONG Classic Red

Dogs also need mental stimulation in addition to physical stimulation and for this you should use toys that are suitable. Normally pets do not develop their cognitive abilities sufficiently, this can have consequences on their mood. This can lead to ... See full description


  • XS 2.402Ft
  • S 2.876Ft
  • M 4.045Ft
  • L 4.850Ft
  • XL 6.984Ft
  • XXL 10.017Ft

Order 2 units, don't run out of it

  • x1 2.402Ft 2.402Ft/unit
  • x2 -48Ft 4.756Ft 2.354Ft last unit
  • x3 -72Ft 7.134Ft 2.330Ft last unit
  • x5 -120Ft 11.890Ft 2.282Ft last unit
  • x1 2.876Ft 2.876Ft/unit
  • x2 -58Ft 5.694Ft 2.818Ft last unit
  • x3 -86Ft 8.542Ft 2.790Ft last unit
  • x5 -144Ft 14.236Ft 2.732Ft last unit
  • x1 4.045Ft 4.045Ft/unit
  • x2 -81Ft 8.009Ft 3.964Ft last unit
  • x3 -121Ft 12.014Ft 3.924Ft last unit
  • x5 -202Ft 20.023Ft 3.843Ft last unit
  • x1 4.850Ft 4.850Ft/unit
  • x2 -97Ft 9.603Ft 4.753Ft last unit
  • x3 -146Ft 14.405Ft 4.705Ft last unit
  • x5 -243Ft 24.008Ft 4.608Ft last unit
  • x1 6.984Ft 6.984Ft/unit
  • x2 -140Ft 13.828Ft 6.844Ft last unit
  • x3 -210Ft 20.742Ft 6.774Ft last unit
  • x5 -349Ft 34.571Ft 6.635Ft last unit
  • x1 10.017Ft 10.017Ft/unit
  • x2 -200Ft 19.834Ft 9.817Ft last unit
  • x3 -301Ft 29.750Ft 9.716Ft last unit
  • x5 -501Ft 49.584Ft 9.516Ft last unit

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Features KONG Classic Red

  • For Chewing

  • Fillable with Food

  • Irrelugar Bounces

  • Recommended by Ethologist

  • Reference035585111315
  • BrandKONG
  • SizeXXL, XS, XL, S, L, M
  • MaterialsRubber
  • CharacteristicsRefillable
  • Product RangeKONG Dog Toys, KONG Chewing Toys


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