Rogz Classic Reflective Lead Dayglow Yellow



This is a rock-solid lead best suited for those dogs that have a taste for the better things in life and an appreciation for the classics. Recommended for everyday use, Rogz Classic Leads are very durable with highly reflective stitching which provi ...


  • 180x1,1 cm / S 2.905Ft
  • M / 140x1,6 cm 3.495Ft
  • L / 140x2 cm 4.163Ft
  • XL / 120x2,5 cm 4.477Ft
  • XXL / 50x4 cm 5.067Ft

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  • x1 2.905Ft 2.905Ft/unit
  • x2 -58Ft 5.752Ft 2.847Ft last unit
  • x3 -87Ft 8.628Ft 2.818Ft last unit
  • x5 -145Ft 14.380Ft 2.760Ft last unit
  • x1 3.495Ft 3.495Ft/unit
  • x2 -70Ft 6.920Ft 3.425Ft last unit
  • x3 -105Ft 10.380Ft 3.390Ft last unit
  • x5 -175Ft 17.300Ft 3.320Ft last unit
  • x1 4.163Ft 4.163Ft/unit
  • x2 -83Ft 8.243Ft 4.080Ft last unit
  • x3 -125Ft 12.364Ft 4.038Ft last unit
  • x5 -208Ft 20.607Ft 3.955Ft last unit
  • x1 4.477Ft 4.477Ft/unit
  • x2 -90Ft 8.864Ft 4.387Ft last unit
  • x3 -134Ft 13.297Ft 4.343Ft last unit
  • x5 -224Ft 22.161Ft 4.253Ft last unit
  • x1 5.067Ft 5.067Ft/unit
  • x2 -101Ft 10.033Ft 4.966Ft last unit
  • x3 -152Ft 15.049Ft 4.915Ft last unit
  • x5 -253Ft 25.082Ft 4.814Ft last unit

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Features Rogz Classic Reflective Lead Dayglow Yellow

  • Reference659510038968
  • BrandRogz
  • ColorBlue, Black, Red, Lilac, Pink, Orange, Yellow, Green, H, Light Blue, Light Green, Brown, Turqouise
  • SizeXXL, XL, S, L, M
  • Product RangeRogz Beltz
  • ColorsRed, Blue, Yellow, Green, Pink, Purple, Black, Orange, Brown
  • MaterialsNylon
  • CharacteristicsReflectives,

Description Rogz Classic Reflective Lead Dayglow Yellow

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