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By Aida Torres

Aida Torres

Rogz is offering collars with modern design and fun collors. Qualitative stitching and durable design. It is also possible to choose matching leash and also from this line Rogz offers wide range of harnesses. 

If you can not choose between harness and collar then harness gives you option to guide your dog without worrying that neck might get hurt but collar is more educational and you can train your dog´s obedience. It is important that your dog can walk next to you.

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Rogz Mars Collar - Size S



Highly Reflective Material - Featuring highly reflective material for maximum safe night time visibility, especially to cars Softness - Foam strips inserted inbetween the nylon webbing for softness and comfort Rogz Dog collar Sizes: Small: 20-32 cm ...


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Features Rogz Mars Collar - Size S

  • Reference659510029645
  • BrandRogz
  • ColorBlue, Black, Red, Pink, Orange
  • Product RangeRogz Beltz
  • ColorsRed, Blue, Black, Orange
  • SizeSmall
  • MaterialsNylon
  • CharacteristicsReflectives, Padded

Description Rogz Mars Collar - Size S

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