Yagu Mattress Huesca Nasau



Comfortable mattress for dogs, different sizes are offered to fit your pet.


  • 65x50x6 cm 6.469Ft 33Ft/M
  • 75x60x6 cm 7.344Ft 27Ft/M
  • 85x70x6 cm 7.869Ft 22Ft/M
  • 95x80x6 cm 9.706Ft 21Ft/M
  • 120x85x6 cm 14.124Ft 23Ft/M

Order 2 units, don't run out of it

  • x1 6.469Ft 6.469Ft/unit
  • x2 -129Ft 12.809Ft 6.340Ft last unit
  • x3 -194Ft 19.213Ft 6.275Ft last unit
  • x5 -323Ft 32.022Ft 6.146Ft last unit
  • x1 7.344Ft 7.344Ft/unit
  • x2 -147Ft 14.541Ft 7.197Ft last unit
  • x3 -220Ft 21.812Ft 7.124Ft last unit
  • x5 -367Ft 36.353Ft 6.977Ft last unit
  • x1 7.869Ft 7.869Ft/unit
  • x2 -157Ft 15.581Ft 7.712Ft last unit
  • x3 -236Ft 23.371Ft 7.633Ft last unit
  • x5 -393Ft 38.952Ft 7.476Ft last unit
  • x1 9.706Ft 9.706Ft/unit
  • x2 -194Ft 19.218Ft 9.512Ft last unit
  • x3 -291Ft 28.827Ft 9.415Ft last unit
  • x5 -485Ft 48.045Ft 9.221Ft last unit
  • x1 14.124Ft 14.124Ft/unit
  • x2 -282Ft 27.966Ft 13.842Ft last unit
  • x3 -424Ft 41.948Ft 13.700Ft last unit
  • x5 -706Ft 69.914Ft 13.418Ft last unit

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Features Yagu Mattress Huesca Nasau

  • Reference8433872076743
  • BrandYagu
  • ColorsRed
  • ShapeRectangular
  • Size65x50x6 cm, 75x60x6 cm, 85x70x6 cm, 95x80x6 cm, 120x85x6 cm
  • TypeMattresses and Cushions

Description Yagu Mattress Huesca Nasau

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