Cunipic Food for Adult Ferrets

overall health of your pet.Instructions: The ferret should always have clean, fresh water. Store product in a cool, dry place.AdvantagesStrong bones and musclesThe contribution of calcium and protein benefits the bone growth and muscle development.Vi ... See full description


  • 600 GR 3.546Ft 5.910Ft/KG
  • 2 KG 11.718Ft 5.859Ft/KG
  • 4 KG 22.567Ft 5.642Ft/KG

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  • x1 3.546Ft 3.546Ft/unit
  • x2 -71Ft 7.021Ft 3.475Ft last unit
  • x3 -106Ft 10.532Ft 3.440Ft last unit
  • x5 -177Ft 17.553Ft 3.369Ft last unit
  • x1 11.718Ft 11.718Ft/unit
  • x2 -234Ft 23.202Ft 11.484Ft last unit
  • x3 -352Ft 34.802Ft 11.366Ft last unit
  • x5 -586Ft 58.004Ft 11.132Ft last unit
  • x1 22.567Ft 22.567Ft/unit
  • x2 -451Ft 44.683Ft 22.116Ft last unit
  • x3 -677Ft 67.024Ft 21.890Ft last unit
  • x5 -1.128Ft 111.707Ft 21.439Ft last unit

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Ingredients Cunipic Food for Adult Ferrets

Fresh chicken meat, rice, animal fat (chicken), corn, fish flour, wheat, corn gluten, brewer’s yeast, dehydrated egg, hydrolysed chicken protein, oligosaccharides (fructo and mono), monocalcium phosphate,sodium and potassium chloride, olive oil, yucca extract.

Features Cunipic Food for Adult Ferrets

  • Reference8437006583114
  • Weight2 KG, 4 KG, 600 GR
  • BrandCunipic
  • FormatCroquettes
  • Nutritional ConditionsNatural
  • AgeAdult
  • Special Cares
  • Product RangeCunipic Premium Line
  • Small Animal TypeFerrets

Description Cunipic Food for Adult Ferrets

Customer Reviews Cunipic Food for Adult Ferrets

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Es un pienso que le encanta a nuestro hurron adulto y ademas esbel unico pienso que no le produce diarea.


Resulta muy bueno a mi hurona le encanta, estaba muy malita del intestino y se lo mando el veterinario ahora esta mucho mejor


Nada mas comprar a mis pequeños siempre les he dado esta comida. Y siempre han estafo con el pelo suavisimo y les veia bien comérselo. Asique la seguiré comprando

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