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Jr Farm Banquete Chinchillas

JR FARM Chinchillas Special is a mixture of raw fibres specially adjusted to the needs of chinchillas. Due to the high value of natural crude fibre it is the ideal addition for every Chinchilla food.


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Ingredients Jr Farm Banquete Chinchillas

Rose hip 15%, timothy grass, nettle, cocksfoot, carrots 11%, smooth stalk meadow grass, ribwort, red clover, meadow fescue, ladies mantel, rose blossoms 1.5%

Features Jr Farm Banquete Chinchillas

  • Reference4024344048517
  • Weight1 Kg
  • BrandJr Farm
  • Product RangeJR Farm Food
  • FormatPellets, Mixture
  • Nutritional ConditionsNatural
  • Small Animal TypeChinchillas

Description Jr Farm Banquete Chinchillas

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