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Rodiland Stick extruded guinea pigs

Rodiland's Extorted Guinea Pig food is the best natural choice for your guinea pig. One of the best options to ensure that your guinea pig has a complete and balanced diet is to choose the extorted food. Because it avoids ingredient selection at fee ...


  • 500 GR 1.402Ft 2.804Ft/KG
  • 1,5 Kg 4.212Ft 2.808Ft/KG
  • 3 Kg Check availability Notify me

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  • x1 1.402Ft 1.402Ft/unit
  • x2 -28Ft 2.776Ft 1.374Ft last unit
  • x3 -42Ft 4.164Ft 1.360Ft last unit
  • x5 -70Ft 6.940Ft 1.332Ft last unit
  • x1 4.212Ft 4.212Ft/unit
  • x2 -84Ft 8.340Ft 4.128Ft last unit
  • x3 -126Ft 12.510Ft 4.086Ft last unit
  • x5 -211Ft 20.849Ft 4.001Ft last unit

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Ingredients Rodiland Stick extruded guinea pigs

Ingredients: alfalfa and hay, wheat bran, cereals and byproducts of cereals, products and byproducts of Oil seeds, sunflower oil, calcium carbonate, monodicalcium phosphate. Additives: Nutritions: Vitamin A (3A672) 20,000 U.i., Vitamin D3 (3A671) 2,000 U.i., Vitamin C (3A300) 600 MGR / KG, Vitamin E (Alfatocopherol) (3A700) 11.00 MGR / KG, Vitamin K3 (3A711) 0.80 MGR / KG, Vitamin B1 (3A820) 0.80 MGR / KG, Vitamin B2 2.40 MGR / KG, Vitamin B6 (3A831) 1.10 MGR / KG, Vitamin B12 0,015 MGR / KG, Nicotinic Acid (3A314) 60.00 MGR / KG, Pantothenic Acid (3A841) 20.00 MGR / KG, Hill Chloride (3A890) 250.00 MGR / KG, cobalt (carbonate monohyd 3b303) 0.38 mgr / kg, zinc (oxide) (3B605) 71.40 mgr / kg, manganese (oxide) (3B502) 24.80 MGR / KG, Iron (Ferrous Sulfate) (3B103) 30.00 MGR / KG, Copper (Sul Cupric Pentah) (3B405) 10.00 MGR / KG, iodine (potassium iodide) (3B203) 0.945 MGR / KG Selenium (sodium selente) (3B801) 0.225 MGR / KG. CONSTITUENT Analytics: Gross protein 15,00%, oils and gross fats 4.50%, brute fiber 15.10%, gross ash 8.30%, calcium (Calcium carbonate) 1.02%, phosphorus (dicalcium phosphate) 0.51%, sodium 0.20%. Way of use: Please in the feeder as it is, and always keep clean and fresh water at your disposal Indian guineples or rabbits.

Features Rodiland Stick extruded guinea pigs

  • Complete nutrition

  • High in vitamin C

  • No added sugars

  • GMO free

  • Reference8436579243883
  • Weight2 KG, 500 GR, 1,5 Kg
  • FormatPellets
  • IngredientsWith seeds, With nuts, With herbs
  • Nutritional ConditionsNatural
  • AgeAdult, Senior
  • Special Cares, ,
  • Small Animal TypeGuinea Pigs
  • BrandRodiland

Description Rodiland Stick extruded guinea pigs

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